How POD helps agencies scale

01 February 2023     Author: Adrienn Major

The demand for quality, rapid content production has never been higher. However, neither has the cost of freelancers. Many agencies don’t have the budget to hire all the post-production skills they’d like in-house—and even if they do, they may not have enough work to justify hiring multiple specialists in full-time roles. Sourcing freelancers takes time and effort, and quality can vary.

With the cost of living crisis, budget cuts, and pressure from cost controllers, many agencies may be forced to look for content production alternatives.

How POD can help

This is where our unique post-production model comes in. We can provide all the skills you need to produce a vast range of content—anything from in-house design to animation and CGI. We can support with deck design, pitches, key visuals, storyboarding, and lots more.

We can work on huge full-scale jobs like animating the world’s tallest building or smaller tasks or sections of a project like producing social content, cleaning up a shot, removing logos, or versioning.

You might need one of our talented artists or a whole office full! Whatever the brief, we have the expertise your agency needs to scale.

When POD can help

If your agency is facing cuts, we can offer in-house design and full post-production services to ensure your work still gets delivered on time. We can pick up the workload when the work is there. You don’t need to worry about downtime or maximising capacity.

We can also offer our services if your client isn’t on a retainer and you’re concerned about cash flow issues when delivering a team.

And finally, if your agency is growing extremely quickly, we can help pick up the slack wherever you need it most. We can be your partner to help whenever, wherever you need. And importantly, there’s no commitment and no pressure.

If you need a temporary solution, we can work on an ad hoc basis without you getting stuck in long contracts. If you’re looking for longer-term support, we can discuss retainers or custom rates. We can tailor our services to meet your requirements.


  • Social Chain: We supported the social media company, Social Chain, while they were going through a rapid growth phase. We sat in on their weekly resourcing meetings and even lent them one of our PMs to work from their offices for several weeks.
  • Blacklist Creative: We are helping the multi-award-winning creative agency and production studio fight against increased freelance costs and fluctuating workloads. We are also supporting them with pitches.
  • AMV BBDO: We help the advertising agency, AMV BBDO, with additional capacity. This includes large projects like global versioning that requires a vast number of assets being created in a short period of time, such as with recent Meta campaigns.

Why POD?
  • Skills: We offer a much wider skill set than many freelancers can and we adapt our services based on the brief.
  • Local: We have the local market knowledge, presence, and language skills that makes all the difference.
  • Value: Agencies often have high overheads. We are good value (£250 per day and £350 per day at weekends). There is also no IT cost for software or licences and no issue with IR35.
  • Availability: As well as being able to scale up or down fast, we are available on weekends and bank holidays. This can really help if you’re up against a tight deadline.
  • No commitment needed: Looking for post-production support for a few hours or on a long-term basis? However you need us, we can help!

Like the sound of working with us? Get in touch and we can discuss how we can help your agency to scale.


POD LDN offers a unique and flexible post production solution. This hybrid, on demand model has all the benefits and infrastructure of a post house but operates on a flat day rate like an in house resource or a freelancer.