Hublot: Illuminating the world’s tallest building

01 December 2022     Author: Editorial Team

Never daunted by a big challenge, find out how we helped Hublot light up the Burj Khalifa with an
iconic FIFA World Cup ad campaign.


The luxury watch brand, Hublot, asked us to produce a three-minute animation to take
over the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.
The animation would need to be eye-catching and push the boundaries of what’s come
For a new product launch dedicated to the FIFA World Cup, the film would need to focus
on beautiful product details as well as be contextually relevant to the upcoming


The animation had to be suitable for different contexts. It would need to play against the
imposing structure of the 830-metre-tall building in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as well as
within more regular 16/9 screen formats.
We also needed to adapt the video so it would suit other mass viewing locations, including
The Boulevard Riyadh City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


We produced a beautiful ad celebrating the Hublot product launch and the FIFA World
Cup in Doha.
The colourful animation comprises stand-out effects, including lighting and particle
animations and superimposed text and bespoke visual effects. The design also uses Hublot
footage, which we elevated with graphics and visual effects to make transitions seamless.
The FIFA World Cup is referenced throughout, placing the brand in the moment. Designed
to catch people’s attention, the larger-than-life animation is impossible to miss!
The bespoke graphics are designed to effortlessly work with the distinct shape of the
building and the surrounding screens in Dubai Mall, in sync with the Burj Khalifa.
We adapted the bespoke animation to suit different screens played across the Middle East.
Elements were also turned into engaging social content. For Doha, we created a 30-second
edit, for Riyadh, we created a one-minute version. We also added the Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia (KSA) flag as the projection took place during the KSA match.
The film’s unique visuals also matched the bespoke music and sound design, including
cheering crowds, whistles, and the sound of the commentator celebrating a goal!


“A challenging and exhilarating project that wouldn’t have been possible in the allocated time

frame without the tight collaboration between the client, agency, and post house—and mostly the
full dedication of the team.”
Elie, Eye to Eye


KSA: 82 connected screens spread across 951m2
Doha: Screen height 130 m, 360 degrees, surface 11,345m2
Burj Khalifa: Screen height 770 m, surface 33,000 m2
Played on the Burj Khalifa at 8.50 pm on Sunday, November 20th as part of the opening
celebrations to mark the FIFA World Cup.


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