How to create a compelling awards case film. Here’s our top do’s and don'ts

12 March 2024     Author: Editorial Team


Awards season is nearly upon us, and a great case study film can make or break an entry. It’s the tool that will help your work to shine in front of juries, and showcase your team’s creativity to your business and stakeholders. Award-winning work needs an a-class entry, yet simple tricks are often missed.

So here’s the top do’s and don’ts that every company can follow.

Your film should always tell a story, so think about a compelling narrative that will hook your audience in. Choosing an impactful music track will really help to bring the video alive, and using voice-over is a brilliant tool to avoid too many things happening on the screen at once.

Always choose music and effects that complement the story and fit with the brand.

DO make sure the entire case film reflects the brand, throughout the messaging, objectives, content, colour, look and feel, mood and sound.

DO clearly establish the challenge, and the main objective, right at the beginning to guide the viewer’s understanding and deliver the main message in a maximum of 3 takeaways, ideally one.  The idea should grab you in the first 30 seconds.

DO keep your edit short, clear and concise so it delivers the message effectively.

DON’T over-produce or go over length (two to three minutes max is ideal).

DO add talking heads and testimonials to add personality. DON’T overuse numbers and stats. They’re important, but try to focus on analysis and storytelling.

DO use humor to keep your content entertaining and grab attention, but only if it’s appropriate. DON’T use too many graphics, or long text that might be hard to read.

But before all of that, you need to prepare your brief. DO be clear about all expectations and ensure they’re explicitly stated, from style to music references. DON’T assume anything as it may not be obvious.

DO start the process of planning  your film as early as possible. Keep documents  and assets filed, so it’s easier to gather together once you’re ready to start production, and DON’T leave it to the last minute!

DO think about the approval process and get dates locked in diaries to avoid running out of time, and make sure people are available to review and feedback. DON’T forget to get their thoughts at early stages of development.

A great case film will carry the judges through the idea clearly, while also entertaining and moving them. Working with a post-production company can help you to make a film that will win hearts and minds and get your message across.


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