Putting a creative spin on white goods can be a joy – Trends and learnings from working with appliance brands

23 Jan 2024     Author: Editorial Team


Promotional content for washing machines might not sound like the sexiest brief on the planet. But in reality, we’ve worked with leading appliance brands, from Grundig to Beko Global, that are transforming product marketing through next-level film content.

In post-production, working with white goods brands is incredibly creative for a plethora of reasons that people rarely think of. So here’s a deep dive into some trends and learnings we’re seeing in this space, and why these brands are so close to our hearts. Let’s dive in!

Bringing products to life through film

Often, when we come onboard, the product is still just a blueprint that doesn’t even exist yet. So it’s a hugely creative process to bring it to life through film, and this has to be done with absolute precision down to the tiniest detail.

Understanding the finished look is done by piecing together similar product images, and working closely with the brand’s technical teams. Our agency partner supplies a CAD (technical) drawing, or product spec, and we use Computer Graphics to magically realise the appliance as a CG render with real-life accuracy.

Whether it’s a washing machine or a dishwasher, seeing it come to life in post-production is why white goods are such a joy to work with.

Collaborative balancing act

Collaboration and compromise between technical skill and creative flair makes working with appliance brands such a brilliant process. For their internal teams and technical experts, it’s all about how precise and exact the product is represented, not how sexy or exciting the creative is. So it’s a partnership that draws together contrasting skills and approaches between creative, post-production, and technical know-how.

At POD LDN, we’ve learnt to navigate internal team structures, understanding the many different departments that bring the product to market, and knowing the right questions to ask to get the work done efficiently, and collaborate effectively.

Working with appliance brands is something we know and love.

Sustainability: the new sell factor

Sustainability and energy efficiency are critical to selling appliances now. More and more, we’re seeing white goods companies showcasing eco-friendly credentials through campaigns, and communicating sustainable messages from saving water to targeting plastic waste.

This is led by visuals too, and we’ve seen a trend towards integrating products within natural settings. It’s a sell factor. In post, we help to achieve beautiful natural scenes and landscapes through special effects and compositing images: imagine a washing machine standing on a deserted beach, or in a house by a serene lake. There are techniques at our fingertips, from animation to VFX, that can realise the brand’s vision and concept for the product, placing it in immersive, or otherworldly environments before it even exists.

By connecting appliances to nature, a brand can highlight its eco-credentials, and show how it’s making a difference in the world. While we get to spotlight a variety of techniques that can make the product appear be to technically slick and sustainable.

Showcasing appliances IRL

Post-production in this space isn’t just about making content for digital channels, or even TV and cinema now. Making film for live events is an important element too, and that’s exciting for us.

Take the IFA. It’s essentially the Golden Globes for white goods, and the world’s largest home appliances trade show. It was even opened by Albert Einstein himself way back in 1930. We’ve produced films for the IFA and it throws up a whole new set of creative challenges as we figure out how to help a brand showcase its products to physical audiences and how the film will work best inside the venue.

Alongside live events, brands sell appliances in physical retail outlets, and that relies on film too. Picture the ads that flash up on TVs in many high street stores. So in post-production, we help brands attract the eyeballs of passing shoppers through striking visuals, which always put the product centre-stage.

Product front-and-centre of the film

Of course, highlighting an appliance’s design and durability will always matter too.

And we’ve noticed a trend towards product advertising becoming more important, as brands aim to promote the benefits of the product over promotion of the brand itself (Apple are leaders at this). In white goods, the same rules apply.

So in post production, we’re trying to bring all of these different elements together to help appliance companies to showcase their product and vision. It’s such a rewarding creative challenge.

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