2024 Post-Production Trends

22 Jan 2024     Author: Editorial Team


2024 has kicked-off at whirlwind speed. And the demand for quality, rapid content production shows no sign of slowing, as brands look to find fame on the multiple platforms and channels now vying for our attention. At POD LDN, we’re predicting 5 trends that will dominate post-production in the year ahead. Here they are!

AI is ideal for ideation

This year, we’re predicting that we’ll be leaning on AI as a trusted tool at the ideation phase, but it won’t replace humans in the real stages of post-production, and for detailed work. Yes, it will be a brainstorming tool for ideas, you can use quick prompts to see what AI comes up with, and it can create a quick visualisation mockup. In other words, AI won’t replace human creativity now, if ever. And while there’s no doubt it’s important for increasing efficiency, it can’t replace skilled artists and post production creatives. But it can help to save time and money in when create special effects.

AI can’t, on its own, come up with truly creative new ideas or apply emotions. That said, last year saw some game-changing work that pushed the potential of AI, but humans were there pushing all the buttons. That’s why we’re predicting a focus on human talent in 2024. Tech will just help us to push the envelope.

Remote solutions on the rise

We’re foreseeing that more brands and advertising agencies will look to outsource post-production tasks in 2024, as the demand for content grows, but budgets get squeezed. What’s more, many agencies and in-house teams just aren’t structured to handle their own post-production, and setting up a suite is a huge financial investment. Especially for smaller jobs, why bother with the headache?

A service like POD LDN, also enables clients to tap into a global talent pool with round the clock availability patterns, which works so well if you’re producing content for global markets.

Remote solutions means brands can outsource anything from in-house design to animation and CGI, as well as editing. We can provide all the skills you need to produce a vast range of content, and support with deck design, pitches, key visuals, storyboarding, and more.

Repurpose to revitalise existing content

We also think that repurposing will be a rising trend this year. Revitalising footage from previous campaigns by editing it to form new assets can have multiple benefits for a brand. Many productions leave tons of unused footage behind that’s ripe to be turned into a new project. And then post production can work its magic, making adjustments to the edit to massively reduce time spent on campaigns and keep production costs down.

Many brands we’ve worked with, such as Walkers Crisps UK and Dunelm, used the magic of repurposing for product replacement. Swapping out products in an ad is a very popular way to repurpose existing content without needing to reshoot. In post production, it’s really easy to change out a product in super quick time.

Virtual production to peak in popularity

Virtual production found momentum during the pandemic, and its popularity continued into 2023. Alongside massive budget and time saving, it’s more sustainable, reducing the need for travel and saving energy used on shoots.

Alongside this, virtual production can empower advertisers and marketers to be more playful with content, offering more creative freedom to be experimental with where they set their work. In the virtual, you can take your brand anywhere you wish, from the other side of the globe to the moon. And as brands seek to capture audience attention in a cluttered content landscape, it’s a no brainer that they’ll seek to create more immersive and memorable campaigns.

Sustainability on the agenda

The rise of virtual production also plays into a bigger topic and that’s sustainability. Reducing carbon emissions is now impacting every part of the advertising ecosystem, and we foresee that it will impact post-production on a huge scale.

Virtual production means post-production compositing is minimised, which can save on cost and reduce energy consumption. Energy use is of course a major factor in post, and it’s hard to get to net zero, but offsetting carbon emissions is one way we can move the dial.

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