How do you revitalise your content, reach new audiences, and save money while doing it? With the not-so-magic trick of repurposing!

19 Oct 2023     Author: Editorial Team

It’s a tough time for the economy, there’s no doubt about that. From business to family, we’re all feeling the squeeze in one way or another. And with Inflation rates rising across the globe, it’s no surprise that companies want to keep costs down, even as they keep a steady volume of content going to market.

But what is it they can do to keep things fresh and moving on lower budgets? One word: Repurposing!

Take just a few examples, on us:

The fresh, clean beauty of a new life.

Repurposing. Reusing. Recycling. The very words themselves evoke the sense of a cleaner business – one built on sustainability, where not a moment goes to waste. Because the reality for many productions is, for every final piece of content that hits the screens (big or small), there’s a treasure-trove of unused footage, material ripe for a project of its own. Who knows? With some colour grading and sharp editing, those scraps from the cutting-room floor might just become your next viral content.

Small tweaks, for great leaps.

Maybe you don’t have new footage to play with, or you feel like going in a different direction. How about a crisp new voice? With a change in voiceover, music composition or sound effects, you can change the whole tone of the content right in front of you. Get your audiences moving from one vibe to the next, with one simple change, without breaking the bank.

The art of replacement.

Visual effects (VFX) aren’t just for the big guns of Hollywood. There’s all sorts you can do for small-scale projects, and it doesn’t have to cost the world. Imagine a product film, where the product can be easily replaced with some minor technical wizardry. Cheap AND easy. Or how about replacing your supers with new ones, or changing your end frames? You’d be surprised how little it can take to get a fresh new look. 

Bonus tip: beyond live action.

Can’t afford an expensive shoot, or just want to try something new? Animation may be for you! From two dimensions to three, animation can give your content the bold new flavour it’s been craving. Or how about a mix of live and animation, with something like rotoscoping? Or mixing photography with illustration? The possibilities are endless – and endlessly affordable!

What’s the upshot?

Besides being an exciting new creative exercise, the benefits of repurposing are many-fold. Projects can go from concept to market in no time at all, with costs kept to a minimum. And with lower production needs, that’s less need for travel, equipment rental and delivery, and all the other associated transport complications that traditional shoots can create. Less travel for greater sustainability, a greener business, and a brighter future for all your upcoming projects. If that’s not a great thing, what is?

How can we help?

At POD LDN we’ve got the tools, and the people, to get your project on the move. If you’ve got repurposing needs, we’ve got the solutions. From editing and grading to CGI, compositing, 2D and 3D animation, and much more besides. So get in touch! We’d love to show you what we can offer. 

Finally, here is our latest project we delivered for Walkers Crisps UK using the magic of repurposing.


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