5 easy ways to get your content buzzing, with the colorful art of versioning

22 May 2023     Author: Editorial Team

Want to get your project from water-cooler small-talk to the talk of the town, or even beyond?
We’ve got the secrets you need! Because when it comes to getting your message across, it
all comes down to who you’re talking to. And through the vibrant art of versioning, you can
definitely get the word out right, whoever and wherever your audience is.

How do we do it? Read on and find out.

First: what IS versioning?

What you see on TV, in films, on billboards – that’s just the final product. Glossy as that can

be, the road to get there is full of different iterations, distinguished by both big changes and
minor tweaks. But it’s not just quality control. In the business of advertising production,
multiple versions are commonly made from a video master, each of which hits a different
audience. One version in Europe, one in the Middle-East, one in Asia. Where the needs
change, so can the message.

How can I do it?

There are a few ways to harness the power of versioning, and to expand your audience in

turn. Here’s what works for us:

1. Advance planning.

Before anything else, consider your audience. And if there’s more than one, consider

their unique needs and adjust your plans accordingly before you shoot any footage at
all. Plan for adaptations like shorter versions for social media, subtitled versions for
the hard-of-hearing or speakers of different languages, or even the differences
between one platform and another.

2. Organized thinking.

Be logical with your assets. The benefits of a clear and consistent filing system can

never be overstated. Name your files consistently, create folders for each scene or
location, use color-coded labels for different types of footage. They might be minor,
but these steps can help avoid big headaches later.

3. Outline, script and storyboard.

In case your versions are significantly different from each other and from the original

video, creating a script and a storyboard will help guide your production. Let your
original vision stay intact, and keep track of any necessary tweaks.

4. Editing smart.

During the editing phase, bear in mind the adaptations and versions you’re planning
to finish with. That may mean leaving extra footage either side of your video for
changes to aspect ratio, or planning for different audio mixes for different platforms.

Testing, tweaking, and testing again.

Harness the focus group, or test your content out in the wild. Keep an eye on the
performance analytics, and take on any other feedback. Make the necessary
adjustments to length, pacing or content based on anything from audience tastes to
attention spans. Then test again.

To sum up…

Versioning is just one useful key to expanding your content’s reach, and reaching new

audiences as boldly and effectively as possible. A handful of adjustments and some clever
forward thinking may be all it takes to get everyone talking about you.

Want us to do the hard part for you?

If you think your content could use an extra boost in all different directions, let us know.

We’ve got the tools and the people to make it happen!


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