Christmas ads: How we can help

23 September 2022     Author: Editorial Team

We apologise in advance, but it’s time to talk about Christmas. With just three months to go, we’re all systems go here at POD when it comes to getting our clients ready for that important time of year. August is officially the busiest time in the industry for Christmas shoots, but if you’re not ready yet—we can still help!


It’s no secret that Christmas is big business. Research shows that every £1 spent on advertising returns £6 to the UK economy alone. Wherever you are, creating the right content for your audience can be make or break.

It’s not just the day itself, there’s also Black Friday (Fri, Nov 25th) and Cyber Monday (Mon, Nov 28th) to plan for. These events are becoming increasingly big business, with US e-commerce sales in November 2020 reaching $100b for the first time.


  • Versioning
  • Character animation
  • Social content
  • E-cards
  • End of year wrap up films or case studies
  • Festive GIFs or stickers


Whether you’re planning a huge launch with emotive, tingle-filled character animation or smaller social activations, we can help you create high-quality content to get your brand noticed.

For a taste of what we can do, watch our reel below. 

Last year, we also produced the Bloom & Wild Christmas campaign. We had fun building a CGI fairy—the non-traditional ad had a lot of love online!


  1. You don’t need to be a top-tier brand to create an emotive Christmas campaign. We can help you bring this to life on a smaller scale. We’re not crying, you’re crying.
  1. Start thinking now about updating your assets for the Christmas period. Maybe it’s banners or social assets, you may want to think about refreshing copy now so you’re one step ahead.



Do you have a character in mind? Let’s chat about how we can bring them to life.

1. Mog’s Christmas Calamity, Sainsbury’s, 2015

At 42m views, this ad is one of the most popular out there. Featuring strong character animation, the narrative perfectly blends subtle comedy with emotion.

2. Moz the Monster, John Lewis, 2017

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Moz in this classic ad from John Lewis.


Are you ready to fire up the fairy lights and talk turkey? Whatever size campaign you’re planning, we’re here to help you make this year’s festive season your best yet.

Get in touch.


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