How to make standout NFTs

22 August 2022     Author: Editorial Team

With interest in NFTs only growing, read on to find out how we can help you capitalize on the
trend and take your content to the next level.

However much you know about NFTs, one thing that’s for certain is they no longer can or
be viewed as a niche term for the tech community—they’re heading for the
mainstream (if they’re
not there already).

Last year the NFT market
nearly surpassed the global traditional art market, with an NFT selling
for an eye-watering $69m. Artist Damien Hirst has recently launched his first NFT collection
and fashion houses around the world are beginning to incorporate NFTs into their looks,
blending the physical world with the digital.

Here at POD LDN, we’re seeing NFT requests almost daily, so we thought we’d fill you in on
the industry is shifting, some projects we’ve been working on, and (all importantly!) how
we can
help you.

You can’t ignore NFTs

NFTs are already shifting the needle in the post-production process. We’ve seen a growing
demand to create unique assets from content that people can keep as art, ultimately meaning a
new step has been added to the post-production process.

It unlocks many opportunities. For example, brands can create campaigns with added elements for
fans to collect, artists can unlock new revenue streams, film production companies can create and
distribute NFTs from film sets to fund filmmaking. As well as the financial implications, NFTs serve
as another valuable avenue for brands to build deeper engagement with their communities.

Even if you’re new to NFTs, it’s worth looking back at past campaigns and considering whether
collateral could be repositioned and distributed as NFTs. Or if you’re in the process of launching a
film, artwork, or exhibition, could you offer unique pieces of content that would genuinely excite
and interest your audience? (We can help you with that).

With greater investment from companies including Meta, the interest in NFTs is only going to
accelerate. As just one example, the film industry is increasingly adopting gaming tech, with
software such as Unreal Engine rendering in real-time which speeds up the workflow. As tools
become more accessible, demand for NFTs will no doubt continue to grow.

How we help brands create NFTs

From complex to simple, we’ve helped many of our clients in varying industries tread new ground
and create NFTs. Some of our work is still in the works (watch this space!), but as one example:

Emergent Games

We create NFTs for the leading metaverse and blockchain games studio, Emergent Games. Its
latest post-apocalyptic sci-fi game with blockchain integration, Resurgence, calls on users to
re-establish their roles on earth after a cataclysmic ecological disaster.

We made 1,000 limited edition Cryotag NFTs that launch throughout the alternative reality game
and can be minted for free. The Cryotags unlock perks such as access to merchandise, events and
private groups, as well as multiple in-game functionalities that are revealed throughout the game.

The team aims to breathe new life into blockchain games by creating fun, immersive experiences
as well as an economic pull for its players.

To support the new MMO (massively multiplayer online game), we also created six high-end, 3D
animations to drum up excitement for its launch.

“At Emergent, we have a keen attentionto detail which meant we needed a partner who could understand our direction and be able to bring that to life. As a team we had a range of very specific elements, designs, and a look that we wanted to achieve. Being able to work so collaboratively with POD was key to enabling us to get the results we were looking for, not just in the construction of the video, but also in the animation and render quality we we're after. Myself and the team are incredibly pleased with the results and very proud to show them off."
Steven Huckle
Art Direction, Emergent Games
“Emergent Games are on the cutting edge of blockchain technology so we’re so excited to partner with them. From producing Cryotag NFTs to beautiful promotional videos, our diverse services are a perfect fit for the team and we look forward to seeing our work out there in the real world.”
Adrienn Major
Founder, POD LDN
Here’s how we can help you

Whether you’re looking to turn your content into an NFT or are ready to create a larger NFT
campaign, our experts can help advise you about how best to turn your NFT(s) from idea to reality.
Here are a few ways we can help:

1. Scale
Via automation and generative design, we can help you create a 3D object, control the variables,
and produce multiple versions in high volumes. Whether you need 10 or 10,000 unique assets, we
can help you decide which way to go.

2. Content
As well as more complex 3D NFTs, we can also turn more simple imagery like 2D static images into
NFTs. This could involve writing scripts for After Effects or adding animation to the image to make
the NFT stand out.

3. Technology

Chat to us

The industry is evolving at pace, so whether you know exactly what you want or would like us to
help you with some ideas, we’d love to speak to you. Say hello this way.


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