Introducing POD, a disruptive post-production service redefining content creation

24 February 2022     Author: Adrienn Major


In a world where the demand for high-quality content is stronger than ever, POD’s Founder, Adrienn Major, spotted a gap in the market that is bringing widespread change to the industry. 

Opening its doors just weeks before the first UK lockdown, POD’s Founder, Adrienn Major, picked a risky time to launch the post-production service, POD. But now, as the company celebrates its second anniversary, it’s taken the post-production industry by storm and is delivering more than 500 projects per year across 12 countries.  

After working in agencies like AMV BBDO, Adam & Eve DDB, RGA  for a decade, Adrienn knew post-production had to evolve to suit rapidly changing client needs.  “I noticed the way people work is changing,” she says. “Content production is in such high demand and right now, many agencies aren’t set up to respond as quickly as their clients need them to.”

Many agencies today either produce content with an in-house or post-house team. Working with freelancers in-house can lead to many challenges, such as extensive paperwork, spiralling costs, and a lack of transferable skills. Then with the introduction of the government’s IR35 legislation, paperwork became even more difficult. 

Working in a post-house environment also has its challenges. They can be expensive with rate cards varying based on skill and many may not consider smaller jobs. “There are downsides of both,” says Adrienn, “so I thought it was the perfect climate to introduce an offering which is most like a post-house but operates more flexibly like an on-demand service.”  

By introducing a hybrid solution between outsourced and in-house production, POD’s clients can reap all the benefits of an in-house production team at the cost of a freelancer. The idea is that POD makes the process of hiring specialists far more transparent and easier to manage—with all services offered on a flat day rate of £250 on weekdays and £350 on weekends, as well as hourly availability. It means that services including storyboarding, motion design, animation, VFX, colour grading, retouching, social/digital, versioning, service production, and TV playout are all offered at the same rate. 

Launching with a fully remote, digital model, POD was perfectly placed to grow during lockdown when many clients and agencies were looking for new ways to source post-production needs. 

The company now has offices in London and Budapest and operates from hubs in Frankfurt and Dubai. Next, they’ll be opening their doors in New York. 

“We have a very flexible model which is quite a new thing to people because whenever they need us we’re available—we do night shifts, we work at weekends, we really work around the clock,” says Adrienn.

The team behind POD want to be a helping hand to agencies as the demand for content continues to grow. By working together, they hope agencies will be able to respond to clients’ briefs more quickly and more confidently. 

“More and more people will want to find solutions to make content production faster and more efficient. We’re a growing network and instead of competing with businesses, we want to collaborate with them,” says Adrienn. 


POD LDN offers a unique and flexible post production solution. This hybrid, on demand model has all the benefits and infrastructure of a post house but operates on a flat day rate like an in house resource or a freelancer.